Is it Black Friday sales up 7% or Black Thursday&Friday sales disappointing?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by beachhouse, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Retailers are not telling the truth: Calling the two-day sales (Walmart started at 10pm Thursday night, others started at Thursday midnight) as one-day sales.

    Do the retailers honestly believe their own numbers are better than last year? If the hours from midnight to early morning are taken off, what would the sales numbers look like?
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    did you see the flyers ,they were selling laptops ,only 500 gig rm,for 297,thats the cost of a refurbished, whatever brought them in,i'm curious to know if they bought the marked up stuff to compensate,pepperspray the other folks in the crowd,i doubt they were living on easy street
  3. On the short side of things. If you worked over time last week, did you make more money than last year? Yes.

    If the question is did they make any more money than last year,well that remains to be seen. An increase in sales, isn't going to amount to jack shit except for cash flow for the moment because we don't know what the expenses are.