Is it all time high for Obama now on intrade?

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  1. I read it a couple of moments ago at 70.4%.
  2. I posted already, this is gone way too far. I'm about ready to hedge my bets, at 30% for Romney, it has to go up.
  3. Maybe it is a blow off top for Obama
  4. its george soros manipulating the market to make it appear so lopsided.
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    Something odd is going on there. Don't know what it is. Possibly the players there are just watching the public polls. From reading some of the posters comments there, they don't seem to be very sophisticated people in that marketplace. I guess if you trusted that market to actually pay if you win and you could get off any size, it might be a good short. It's not a game I would play though.

    And, I agree with others. It could be manipulated by a large player to make it look good for Obama. That would mean it would be a good short for anyone wanting to play for the end game.
  6. Betting by decimal odds.

    US Presidential Election Winner 2012 Match Odds
    10:00 PM

    Democratic Candidate

    Republican Candidate
  7. Which site?
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    Is that the British gambling houses odds where that is the winning payout per $1 bet?
  9. decimal 3.96 for Romney would be bet $100 payout $396.

    That's pretty good.
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