Is it all Greece? What about North Korea?

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    That is a story worth following. thanks
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    Peeps think NK is some huge power. They would be squashed in 2 hours if they tried to start a "war". NK has been saber rattling for decades
  3. this isn't a story because s. korea is a big wuss. they've said they won't retaliate militarily.

    can you imagine if another country intentionally sank a US warship?
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    It's news on the same level as the Whitehouse saying they think the economy is getting better. That is to say, it is slightly more newsworthy than yet another sunrise but not by a wide margin.

    NK consistently rattles their saber.
  5. S.Korea needs to suss out whether China will intervene or not.

    "The Eighth United States Army—often unofficially abbreviated EUSA— is the commanding formation of all US Army troops in South Korea.

    However, once American units neared the Yalu River and the frontier between North Korea and China, the Chinese intervened and drastically changed the character of the war. Eighth Army was decisively defeated at the Battle of the Chongchon River and forced to retreat all the way back to South Korea. The defeat of the U.S. Eighth Army resulted in the longest retreat of any American military unit in history."

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    I don't think this is the sort of thing that can go unchecked. This isn't just going to blow over.
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    I just read Yahoo's take on the situation...looks like this will likely blow over after all.
  8. actually, part of the reason for the continued u.s. presence in south korea historically has been to prevent the south from attacking the north. and south korea has a very powerful army, i'm sure they could easily take out the north. the only problem is that seoul would be flattened.
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    don't u think that u need to prepare yourself in case it doesn't blow over?
    relying on yahoo news is like depending on your local tv channel for a through analysis.
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