Is it a Listening Tour

Discussion in 'Politics' started by seneca_roman, May 6, 2009.

  1. Recently leaders of the Republican party went around the country on what they called a "listening tour"; but then the REAL leader spoke and HE (Rush the Limbaugh) told them it was not a listening tour but a "teaching tour."

    Of course, they listened not to the people but to Rush the true leader as seen in the following video:

  2. Emanuel and Carville went on national programs and annointed Limbaugh as the leader of the Repubs. and talking favorably of him as an adversary.

    More propaganda from little Goebbels and the "snake," So what do you think? Flattery for a weak sister?
  3. Of course...that's why it was so brilliant to set up his ego as the leader of the party. They knew instinctively that he would accept the mantle and then drive it into the ground.

  4. Seems like all you hedonist, Godless monkeys have been listening.
  5. Listening to the Tool Smoking petty boy in those designer clothes and those punk bitch glasses with legs folded up like a little bitch. He looks like quite the "ADVOCATE" for the common man.

    Oh...I'm sorry. Did you mean Eric Cantor or Rush Limbaugh?

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    These guys are soooooo easy