Is Israel the only friend of Palestine?

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  1. The recent border crisis between Egypt and Gaza has led to a drastic change in the attitude the pro-government Egyptian press takes toward the Palestinians. Noha El-Hennawy, blogging for the Los Angeles Times Web site, describes the shift:

    The new content replaces headlines that showed sympathy with the Palestinians, stressing President Hosni Mubarak's statements that Egypt would not let the Palestinians starve.

    However, 10 days later, a change of heart has become crystal-clear. Rosa-al-Yousef, a state-owned paper known as the most vocal mouthpiece of the regime, has spearheaded the anti-Palestinian campaign. "Egypt is generous and patient but its patience has limits," warned a front-page headline that appeared after skirmishes the Egyptian-Palestinian borders earlier this week.

    The paper even questioned whether Gaza had a humanitarian crisis, hinting that Gazans were well-off. "It is not true that the siege imposed on Gaza caused a serious humanitarian crisis that eventually led to the Palestinian flood [into Egypt]," wrote Abdullah Kamal, Rosa-al-Yousef's editor-in-chief and a staunch proponent of Mubarak's regime. "Each [Gazan] comer spent an average of US$260 in three days. . . . The total spending during that period [where the Gazans broke through Egypt] reached US$220 million. These figures raise real questions about the financial situation in the Gaza Strip."

    Arabs love Palestinians in the abstract--as a symbol of the putative evil of the hated Jews. But they're not so crazy about Palestinians as actual human beings. Here is a prominent Egyptian who is so averse to Palestinians that even their money isn't good enough for him.
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    American Indians were starting to win sympathy in the East when Crazy Horse wiped out Custer, the sympathy went away and more Indians got slaughtered after that... but Indians could sustain themselves without help from anybody...

    Palestians have to be the numbnuts people of the world don't they? Decades of sitting in camps and Gaza... they had a Palestinian on Palestinian war a year or two back didn't they? And they get billions in welfare but they don't seem to produce enough to feed themselves, probably the Israelis pay more for the produce so they export it. Iraq was a net importer of food under Hussein but they have all sorts of wonderful farmland. People like that are just nuts, so consumed by pride that political power is more important than food production..... there is no sense in trying to help any of them, it won't work...
  3. These are all very good thoughts.

    In 1947 at their founding Israel had a small population and no Industry. Also had to deal with a military attack by the Arab world.
    At that time there was very little financial help from the US. yet Israel was able to build a society and their GNP far exceeding palestine.