Is investing in real estate less time-consuming than stocks?

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    And after some one turns 30 years or older-might as well do something you like. I helped a landlord + sheriff put a renters stuff on the curb, did not like that, even with sheriff there.Like IBD notes ,stocks are more liquid. LOL. Both have made many millionaires:cool:
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    Exchanged traded REITs have performed very similarly to physical real estate over decade long time periods. I'd understand if someone is a developer and can add value to property they can generate extra returns. For someone who purely buys real estate to rent it out passively it's hard to argue physical is better than residential REITs, assuming both are fairly priced.
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  4. Not when you factor in tax advantages, cash paying renters, and the unbeatable 1031 exchange.
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  5. I agree. Most of our Reg D investors are as interested in the tax savings as much as the profits. The 1031 exchange benefits are also a big draw especially with the new tax plan coming up.
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    Good points; but really depend on location. Even the WSJ had an article about Korean banks doing much more crypto currency inspections LOL. But back to your points, its strange how many REITs under--perform-actually amazing...........WE dont have gov rent control or excessive high prop taxes, in the south
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