Is interactive brokers ever going to fix the intraday VWAP indicator?

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  1. Is IB EVER going to get the intraday VWAP indicator right? This has been an issue since they introduced it and numerous tickets and talks with support about it and always just ends up "Forwarded to the developers"....developers who I dont know what they actually do. Updates all the time to TWS but nothing noticeable changes or improves.

    Often times I'll switch to a symbol and begin trading only to realize that VWAP is WAY off and I have a bad entry. If you do a manual refresh of the chart it'll pop into place. But along with being slow to do that its shouldn't be required at all. Especially when you're switching to a fresh symbol


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  2. As a quick workaround, I presume you can draw a horizontal line for the VWAP price. This line should transfer to your other charts with other timeframes.
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    have a call in to them should be fixed in 5 minutes...
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    The QuoteZone VWAP is the same for the three different time samplings -- 1-day, 5-min, and 1-min. Unless it were a line of slope=0, this is impossible. So, an immediate question: on what time reference is the Quotezone VWAP based?

    Given a glance at the PA for the 3 different windows, I would suspect that VWAPs represented are directly, correctly, attributable to those time frames. That leaves the question as to the QuoteZone VWAP which remains the same to all three -- on what time reference is it calculated? That would take some detective work, just fiddling with the time samples til you got correspondence between graph and Quotezone quote.

    Outside of the mystery source of time reference for the Quotezone quote, there likely may not even be any sort of going-forward error here. I apologize, but had I the time, I'd love to delve into it.

    [poorly written. sorry.:(]
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    I have been trading for decades.

    This is my suggestion.

    Have multiple trading platforms and charting software.
    If you don't like the trading platform or charting software,
    complain lightly.
    Don't get extremely frustrated over it.
    The more we complain, the more money we lose from trading.

    Believe me. All brokers and charting s/w providers know their flaws way before we know it.

    Honestly speaking, I don't quite like IB.
    But there are many plus points.
    You don't see many brokers which give you free delayed data with charting software like IB.
    Some brokers don't even allow you to use STOP and MARKET order for a particular index future.
    IB allow you to use STOP and MARKET order for that particular future.
    Till this day, I still use IB despite the shortfall.

    Peace be with you.
    Namo Amitabha.
    Or whatever similar thing.
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    Email Ibmgmt at and escalate the issue.
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  7. %% Amen;
    but before he does that= doUble check data, because he most likely knows= VWAP is like a20 period moVing aVerage -it changes all the time/all day.
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    While the opening candles on the 1-minute chart are missing from that cut, my straw man right now is that the charted VWAPs are correctly displaying VWAP for their time bases, and that the QuoteZone VWAP is representing the totality of (Price*Volume)/Volume since cash open. If that is correct, IB might want to tuck that into the user guide QuoteZone comments to clarify things for the future.

    [Unless I'm completely mistaken. :wtf: It happens. :rolleyes: "'Straw man', indeed!" Yep. :cool:]
  9. Huh? The vwap is constantly changing. Soon as you draw a horizontal line it'll be different a minute later
  10. I don't feel like being berated and made to feel like it's my fault. Or told to totally delete my config file and rebuild my whole setup from scratch as if somehow a user is able to make these indicators misbehave
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