Is interactive Broker down now?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by may916us, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. may916us


    It has been almost one hour that I can't get IB online...I tried to call customer service, but no services available at this time...I trade sp futures ES and need to know the status(I placed some orders there)..Are there anyone with the same situation? Please be advised. Thanks.
  2. Noone123


    Its online for me. Using mobile app
  3. EsKiller


    Works fine for me
  4. FrankInLa


    Had no issues logging in, I have used it now for 6 hours straight on my desktop machine, but the security verification request on my mobile came in very late, I had to use the token, and also some charts did not display any data for several hours. Definitely some issues there. Though for me everything has been resolved.

  5. may916us


    I am fine now...Thanks for all the responses
  6. Logan15


    Is is still working or is it down, is it possible to start trading with them or is it down ?
  7. tommcginnis