Is IB's software as good as Tradestation?

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  1. Is IB's software as good as Tradestation?
  2. I've traded on both...I <much> prefer Tradestation for ananlytics only. Not execution ...I prefer my firms platform over both of these.

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  3. What is the name of your firm?
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    IB'S system compared to Trade Station, is like comparing day and night. IB has many international features, but software, reliability, and service is much better at trade station.

  5. So is there a company that has everything at an IB or TS price?
  6. ramora


    I use IB as a backup to my Tradestation.

    Tradestation is more solid (IMHO), great integration of charts and trades. Great Matrix window, not as powerful as ButtonTrader or NinjaTrader but I still like the Matrix window because it is fast and integrated with charts.
  7. IB´s software is better because they have quotes for EUREX US.

  8. So in the end the decision is based on the products/markets you trade. But which system platform would be appropriate for a wide range of products and markets?

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    Like you said, it depends on how wide a range you want.

    If you want to trade almost every liquid electronic futures contract and stock markets in the world, IB is it.
  10. Conclusion:

    It's Good to have two accounts: do what you can through TS and the rest through IB.
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