IS IB worth going to?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by El Cazador, Apr 17, 2001.

  1. I use the Realtick Pro Plus subscription, which costs roughly $250 per month, but is well worth it and pays for itself in less than one trade.
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  2. mjt



    Are you still with a Real Tick broker? Or are you getting the software from PCQuote or S&P Comstock? I noticed that PCQuote offers Real Tick, but it's version 6.0. Is there a major difference between that version and 7.0?
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  3. mjt,
    I don't trade anymore with a Realtick broker. I subscribe independently to Realtick directly through Townshend Analytics and execute all trades through IB. I was under the impression that my Realtick feed was from TAL Data directly (I subscribed directly at, so to be honest I'm not sure if PC Quote or S&P Comstock is involved. I'm running version 7.2, which has a few new nifty things, but nothing earth shatteringly different (although I'm having fun playing with this cool parabolic SAR study you can use on charts).
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    Thanks zboy. I didn't know you could subscribe directly from Real Tick.
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    El Cazador -

    The last few weeks I've been making about 10-15 trades a day trading up and down any regular fluctuations (almost I can find in the stocks I follows. The last few days I've been playing AMD, CMRC and SUNW, mostly playing the smaller movements as I'm fairly new to active trading. I just want to get some experience with the market and see whether or not I'm cut out to be a trader. (and, I normally trade at work while waiting for code to compile or for a process to finish executing, so my windows of trading opportunity are fairly short)

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  6. Orb, thanks. I'm trying to play it before coming to work and at lunch. Works OK on the west coast. Trying to play dumpers on the open then 30 minute breakouts or breakdowns. Between 12 and 1pm i'm looking for late day breakouts above the HOD or the HOD from yestereday. Then at the last 20 minutes I'm looking for high volume and price increase for a gap play. I too want to make it as a trader and work as a computer nerd. ;)
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    It's nice to work with computers. I keep a virtual screen open runnning IB, the island book viewer (I trade 95% on island), etc... (I haven't found a good java realtime charting system yet) I am constantly switching between my work screens and my IB screen to check on things. (fortunately IB beeps when a trade executes, so I know if I hit a stop or my sell target and can run and check)

    Actually - it's really fun because the company I work for just got bought out by a public company, so I keep the realtime prices up and everyone who walks by wants me to check on things. (our conversion ratio hasn't been decided, so it's of particular interest to everyone here :)

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  8. Orb - my IB doesn't beep when a trade occurs. Is there some setting for this?
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    I didn't configure anything to make it beep. I didn't notice the beeps at first because I normally have console beeps turned off. I don't use windows, so I can't help you if you are using that. But if you are using linux, you can use "xset" to change your console beep properties. "xset q" will tell you your current settings. If you see "bell percent 0" there, you know you have it turned off. "xset b" will toggle it back on.

    If you have any linux IB questions, feel free to mail me. Otherwise, maybe a windows IB user can pop in for answers on that platform....

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    if You go to the control panel, and there to sounds, and in sounds , activate the window default sound. this should work.

    best of luck

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