Is IB the best broker to trade options?

Discussion in 'Options' started by kalashnicac, Apr 14, 2005.

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    I hope the individuals on this thread will consider RedSky for options. Given our foundations as an options prop shop, we feel we have the best options trading software out there. Our rates are competitive at $1 per and we do not interact with a clients order flow.

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  2. I saw optionsexpress at the trader expo and I was impressed but I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH THEM. I just want to be clear on that.
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  3. In response to you thread about option firms, you may want to take a very serious look at the firm Thinkorswim. I have been trading with them for three years now. Over the last 15 years I have traded and worked for three large houses. Thinkorswim offers you the best in a free trading platform with all the functionality you could possible want.

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  4. I second the motion. I have traded options with IB, optionsXpress, thinkorswim, eTrade, and Ameritrade.

    Thinkorswim is the best. OptionsXpress is second. I only use IB for futures and options on futures.

    PS: ToS runs a trading platform on your PC. OX is entirely browser-based and a good choice if running ToS software is a problem.
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  5. mlipsky


    I agree with the Think or Swim vote. However, I would not choose OX 2d. Highly unreliable, slow software. I've waited 5 minutes for a cancel from the ISE. The ISE has been instantaneous w/ every other broker I've used, and there are many.

    Yes to ToS
    No to OX
    #15     Jun 13, 2005