Is IB that good?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by qdz2, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. qdz2


    I cannot be less honest and straight-forward about this as it gets more and more serious.

    IB quote is like a joke. I don't know why. There is fake bid/ask/size all the time. When you try to hit them, there is no execution. This could be either a serious irregular problem such as delays/missed-update in their systems, or the rumor which speculate that there are some sort of middle-man scheme manipulating the customers is true. I don't know. You tell me! me and friends are tired of these. It does not justify the commissions paid to you!

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  2. In which product or instrument did this happen?
  3. Momento


    ES? or Stocks?
  4. qdz2


    stock and stock option!

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  5. Sanjuro


    You gave them a negative review on Nov. 9, 2002 and
    posted numerous negative posts about them over the months.

    They must be doing something right for you to keep using them.
    Hurry up and change to another broker and you'll be happy!

    Good Luck!
  6. qdz2


    Well, could be. If I have evidence on this, what can I do but leave them alone?

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  7. I've been using IB for quite a while now. I'm very pleased. But if I were you and I was that dissatisfied, I'd switch. But either switch or quit the complaining.

  8. mskl


    There certainly is no manipulation or scheme going on. However, I have recently noticed some quote delays any time the market gets a little busy (not a connection issue). This may be what you are experiencing.
  9. qdz2


    F8ck, what makes you tell me either or?

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  10. qdz2


    Hope so. Thanks.


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