Is Ib Still The Best Deal????

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by larrybf, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. I have been trading for 5 years now......3 1/2 of them with IB,some futures mostly stocks.... basically i am happy with IB but i have noticed several brokers lately offering better commissions. i am wondering if anyone has switched from IB to one of these low commission brokers and feel that they are getting the same quality executions. i care very little about fancy scanners or main concern is great executions....personally i have my doubts but i would love to have someone change my beliefs.thanks
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    So far nobody has used technology as effectively as IB. Their API is the lowest cost and simplest to use IMHO. I also like the universal account whereby I can trade securities and futures. I have no doubt that somebody will challenge their position some day, but for now IB is tops.
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    For the average retail investor/trader, yes.
  4. Yes.
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    Well, what is? :confused:
  7. Because i see three Yes, and i hate IB , i will place three

    SethArb, what's yours? Yes or No

    I will put another NO for you, time being, if later your answer
    was NO, then you place one YES for my answer to balance out.
  8. I only use IB ... so until I see another retail broker

    that lets me trade almost every electronic

    derivative / stock / option etc

    at lower rates and with direct access to all

    I will say yes ( for me )

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    Depends on what you trade...

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