Is IB sotware WindowsXP compatible?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by ajax_g, Oct 28, 2001.

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    As far as I know IB software needs a couple of Java plug-ins to run.

    This afternoon I had an upgrade WindowsXP test run in my PC. Its purpose was to find out which elements of my system-software and hardware-are windowsXP compatible and which not.

    The results indicated that Java Plug-ins are not supported by WindowsXP.

    Does this mean that when we upgrade to windowsXP Java plug-ins will not run and IB software will be impossible to run?

    Please advise.

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    Stay away from windows xp...thats what I hear...go to some of the information web sites and read up on xp...from what I can tell the reports are not good:mad:
  3. Not gonna mess with Xp as Windows 2000 runs just fine thank you, but I remember hearing that you may have to install Java support seperately in XP.

    Just another Bill 'I'll Never Lie To You' Gates tactic.
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    don't worry just download the java code to your machine. here's a quote from an article written by VP and GM of Java Software:

    "Sun knows how important access to online financial services, shopping, and entertainment is, and many of those services are based on Java technology. Sun will not leave Windows XP users without easy access to the more than 6 million web pages that incorporate Java technology."

    for the full text of the article see:
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    i have this weird problem with TWS 4.0 (both windows app and java app) that i can't seem to figure out - in the java equities demo when I'd hit the hotkey for a limit order, it would display the order on a line right below the stock symbol line. in the windows program or on the actual java trading application, when I hit the hotkey for a limit order, the big order ticket page comes up - I don't like it this way - it is much much faster when the order appears in a line below the stock symbol on the order page, as opposed to when it pulls up a ticket page.

    is there a setting i need to change to get the stand alone program to be like the demo?

    thanks def,
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    if there is a market it shouldn't happen. however there are some settings that could make that occur. if you are logged in now, try an online chat so they can work things over with you.
  7. I have been running TWS and QCHARTS in Windows XP (beta) for about 6 months now without problems. In fact QCHARTS is more stable under XP.
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  9. ajax: you will have to download and install the Java runtime environment yourself.

    Go to

    or for the general site.

    Download Java2 Standard Edition. I would stay with release 1.3.1 and avoid the 1.4 beta at this point.

    You need the JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
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