Is IB software best used alone, or with a "front end"?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lsayre, Mar 26, 2005.

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    In other words, are there any bolt on software front ends to IB which enhance it greatly overall, and make trading with it more pleasant, or is IB best used as native software?
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    I should preface this with a statement that my primary interest right now is only in buying and selling stocks, primarily on the NYSE and Nasdaq, but with some emphasis in trading stocks on the TSX and TSX Venture Exchanges.
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    I think there will be some delay for any software running above it

  4. Maybe somebody could integrate some type of lever and flashing lights? Make it like a slot machine? That'd be more entertaining!

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    I have used several apps with IB including AutoTrader, ButtonTrader and NinjaTrader.

    I have also written my own chart application in C++ to use the IB API. I also have TradeStation which has a nice TT (ladder price display) type of trade window.

    To answer a question "is there some delay" for any software running above it".
    Even for the Java apps, the speed is fast. I cannot detect any difference between the different clients. All are 'fast enough'.... Speed may become an issue if you load your system down with 10 or 20 input windows however.

    About a year ago I purchased a XKeys keypad to use with IB and programmed the keys to enter and place/move exists. It is much faster and less error prone (IMHO) than mouse based trade windows. Another tread describing the keypad is at
  6. i use it alone. you can program anything you want to within ib like trailing stops ect.
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    I'm a sucker for red light, green light..
  8. Is there any way to program it to cancel any open stops after a trade is concluded? This is where I run into trouble and why I use a frontend. I wish they would set up BookTrader like Bracket Trader.
  9. Yeah, the TWS book trader could use some improvement. I'd like to be able to move the stops and targets with greater ease. (Personally, I'd like to see a button that just closes all positions and orders - puts my mind at ease while I look for another trade) Worst of all is the colors used in the TWS book trader - very confusing.
  10. Amen, hit the nail right on the head. It doesn't seem like Booktrader is going to be improved.

    Seems like a lot of their software tools (i.e. charting) are very simple and have few features.


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