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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by jem, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. jem


    In the past I thought there was something wrong with the other posters accounts.

    IB just just pulled the most lame b.s. on me ever. Stuff that you hear about right before sub llc prop firms go under. Seriously.

    I am beginning to wonder about just how safe your money is with these clowns.

    In a few minutes after my ultimatum has past I will out the details. I will post it on or a similar website and I will consider other actions.
  2. lost money on a trade?
  3. jem


    No I have lost money on thousands of trades (but made more) and I have experienced dozens of errors in platforms. Thats is frequently the cost of doing business.

    No this is about a wire I requested last week. by the way I defended these boneheads in the past.
  4. KS96


    this link is dead :D
  5. jem


    I am going to make the url and site.

    If they have

    I will get
  6. This one takes the cake.

    Trash IB without even a single detail, other than the fact that it is about a wire. LOL. Talk about a serious lack of integrity.

    By the way, I've been successfully wiring money in and out of IB now for 6-7 years I guess.

  7. I have to wonder what kind of professional trader posts something like this even before the event has played out.

    Something wrong with these people.

    If you have a legit problem, wait until you have been truly f***ked before ranting.

    You just sound like a 5 yo throwing a tantrum.
  8. jem


    hey I used to be a professional trader. now I am a retail hack. I was professional enough to know when I was being given an absolute b.s. response. I do not like being stonewalled by people in custody of my money.

    I am not sure if it was this thread or my demand to speak with their legal dept, but all of sudden things cleared up.
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