Is IB making our orders & quotes compete with back-fill/charting bandwidth?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Raystonn, Aug 3, 2005.

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    I am not going to get into a debate here. If someone interprets my following original post:

    as an attempt for me to blame it on the weak ISP, I can't help that. That was not my intent. Let me try to fix it by adding this to the post: If you believe that there is still a "quote freeze" problem that is not related to your ISP, we will need some help in tracking it down. The best way to do so is by emailing your TWS log to our helpdesk with your account number attached and including the mg101 in the subject line.

    I respect that for some keeping a forum privacy is more important that helping us get the problems solved. Luckily there are many users here who gladly give a helpful hand when we need it. I thank them very much for that.
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  2. Hi IBsoft,

    You have been most courteous and helpful in your past replies. It wasn't my intent to come back to this, except for Ib's samaritan's post, which I took as very rude.

    As to your specific question: 'If you believe that there is still a "quote freeze" problem that is not related to your ISP', I have to answer as follows:
    (1) I believe only what I 'see'. I sincerely hope that you indeed solved the 'freeze' problem from now on;
    (2) The quote freeze problem at my installation was never related to 'my' ISP. I have several services running on my communication links which all ran 100%;
    (3) I leave it up to your judgement in how far other customer's 'freeze' incidents should be blamed on customer's 'weak' ISP's. I believe you have more than enough elements to come to a most plausable hypothesis on this. I just supplied two pointers in reply to your samaritan in the hope that this might somewhat enlighten him.

    I must say that I am quite interested in the novelties you announced for improving TWS reconnects. IMHO, these are badly required. I'm certainly not the only one to tell you this. You may recall that in the past I always have defended the points of excellence in TWS. I simply can't live with the (past) freezes and certainly NOT the selective ones. My ISP has NOTHING to do with it. He's being watched very carefully, you can count on this. I didn't misconfigure my firewall either :) .

    Thank you,
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  3. Nononsense:

    When I find out that you were directly PM'd and asked for information concerning a problem that YOU have repeatedly brought up, and YOU failed to respond, I have to question just how serious YOU are about the problem.

    I don't find anything "rude" about the responses here by anyone from IB. I do find your responses lacking.

    There's an old saying: "Shit or get off the pot". That would be my advice to you.

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  4. Old guy,

    If you care to read, I clearly stated my reason for NOT responding. I happen to be not the only one.

    Now pertaining to your concern about "NOT RESPONDING" ET-correspondents, methink you obviously suffer of a very acute case of observational weakness.
    It might perhaps help a bit if you would post your above saying in your outhouse:
    "Shit or get off the pot".
    Good trading old guy, keep watching out for them weak ISP's.
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  5. Another old trick is typing a wrong password, and then the right one. Haven't had any problems like that lately, so I don't know if it still applies - but it used to set some problems of freezing login straight for me.
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  6. Yeah...I read your "reason". Frankly, it almost sounds like a guy with no IB account. Because I gotta tell you, if I had a problem I would bend over backward to provide IB with the means to troubleshoot it.

    Instead, what you do is provide a constant barrage of bitches about the same problem, and yet when asked to provide a log, suddenly your "anonymity" becomes more important than the problem itself.

    We all get what we want: in your case that's "freezing".:D

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