Is IB making our orders & quotes compete with back-fill/charting bandwidth?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Raystonn, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. i can confirm this, acks are still nice and tight today. thanks guys
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    Thanks IBSoft - appreciate reading the last reply you gave above.
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    electron, I had the same problem. Try this: Go into your TWS directory, there's a folder starts with D, in there delete "settings.xml". Then start up TWS, and it will give you the default window, which you can go reset by going into file > manage wprkspaces > pre-upgrade
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    We are working on making the settings savings more reliable.
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  5. Yes, I concur. IB catches some flack here at times, but I'm not aware of any broker that is more responsive, more on top of issues and more accessible to users.
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  6. Thank you Ib for this clarification. I believe that this puts to rest some legitimate concerns of many of us. It would perhaps have been preferable to have known about this a bit earlier.

    One point that seems clear to me is the following:
    Backfill and to some extent charting enables the interested users to catch up with the current state of the market.

    Trading customers have an even much greater urge to 'catch up' and re-establish connection in case of an accidental interruption, whatever the cause, Ib's ISP, a misconfigured firewall, customer's ISP, you name it. This concern MUST have Ib's priority given the financial risk the customer is carrying by virtue of his possible open positions. As an automated API user, I can tell you that this is a most difficult problem to solve given the present lack of true reconnect support in TWS. Please make it your first priority to come up with a foolproof solution. The 'freeze' problem, selective or not, is very real. Simply read your customer's posts of the last few months. You may shrug this off as insignificant, but this ain't so from a customer's viewpoint.

    Thank you Ib,
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  7. IBsoft

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    This weeks two mishaps (the misconfigured firewall and our ISP failure) have shown that our reconnect policy, while ok when a few hundreds or thousands TWSs need to reconnect, can be improved for cases when all our users need to reconnect en-mass. This MUST and DOES have the highest priority. The enhancements are already being tested as we speak, the rollout will however take a bit of time.

    At the same time
    - we are making an API upgrade that will make the connection status to the various services transparent
    - the loss of settings, which coincided w/ this week connectivity loss is now understood and being rectified

    As to the freeze problem, I have been following the discussions in the forum. We have worked closely with some of posters and addressed all the (to us) known issues. I need to add that some of the posters are in countries with weak ISP services. There is a limit to how stable the TWS can be in such circumstances. I have attempted to explain the basics of the socket connections in one or my earlier posts so as to point out that it is not that we are ignoring those users, but that there is a limit as to how much we can do for them.
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    We never shrugged off the "freeze" problem. In fact I even PM'd you on 6/27 asking for specific information if you were having the problem. I never heard back from you.

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  9. I was told the same thing by the IB support and the problem was fixed. Thanks, anyway...
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  10. True. Like others have already indicated, I don't think that ET identity should be linked to Ib identity. Besides, for many months you gave the distinct impression not to take things very seriously. In fact, a few minutes ago you talked for the first time about a 'freeze' problem, which you kind of want to blame 'weak' ISP's for. How do you then explain the 'selective' freeze phenomenon. Can't be a 'weak' ISP. Reprimanding a customer not wanting to foresake his forum privacy ain't going to help much.

    This may help though:

    Thank you samaritan for your most thoughtful concern.
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