Is IB making our orders & quotes compete with back-fill/charting bandwidth?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Raystonn, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. You have to ask a customer for this info? I guess I'm surprised you don't know precisely the effect.

    I and most others here would like an explanation of why transaction and quote bandwidth is being compromised for charting and other apps that are low or no priority for most of us.
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  2. The feature I would like is to have charting and backfill removed from TWS. Let's get back to lean and mean. When features are interfering with trading / logging into the TWS, priorities are screwed up. IB management, right the ship ASAP!
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  3. I uninstalled and reinstalled TWS, still no connection. That's the worst problem I have encountered with IB as long as I have been with them for some 3 years. I hope this gets rectified soon, but I am already moving somewhere else. There is place for charts and backfill, but not at the expense of more important things...
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    I was actually not asking a question. It was an attempt at a polite request to prompt the customer to verify for himself that the ack-times are still fast.

    I can not answer why because it is not being compromised. (I know that some posters here would let you believe otherwise, but I can't help that).
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    The charting has been restored.
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  6. how about the scanners?
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    They are as well, I am told. I have seen your post and asked someone to contact you so that we can trace it down.
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  8. Ib, may I remind you that the original poster raised the following question:
    Would you, please, reply to this customer Raystonn's polite inquiry with an unambiguous YES or NO?

    Thank you most kindly,
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    The historical charting (a.k.a. backfills) and scanner functionality is implemented as an entirely independent system, consisting of separate processes running on different pieces of hardware and having its own vast data stores.

    It shares one element w/ the order-routing and market-data subsystems: the firewalls. Without giving you specific data amounts (so as not to give our competitors a hint about our data-rates and compression ratios) I will reveal to you three relevant things:
    - the total charting and scanner data we send out is less than 1.5% of the real-time market data we send out
    - the firewalls have plenty of capacity on them, i.e. they can sustain several times higher loads that we experience both on average and in peak times
    - the excess capacity of the firewalls is continuously monitored; when it falls below a (generous) threshold, we simply add more of them - it is a well scalable setup

    The reason why the firewalls are shared between the systems is simple. Great many customers of ours are behind their own or corporate firewalls. We do not want them to have to further open up their firewalls when we add a service, or a data-farm or something.

    We turned the charting back on. You should not see either the market-data or order-ack times having deteriorated as a result.
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  10. No worries. I downgraded to previous version and now the scanners are working.

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