Is IB making our orders & quotes compete with back-fill/charting bandwidth?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Raystonn, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. I don't think backfill is slowing anything down. How could it.

    How about all the DDE and ActiveX feeds running on 100 stocks. Must be 1000 times the bandwidth of a one at a time backfill. Get real.
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  2. I would enjoy logging in too, right now I could not care less about the backfill which I can't use anyway. First things first...
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  3. This indeed confirms what we have been suspecting all the time. That new crap grossly interferes with our trading-order traffic, especially at critical moments. Throw it off and set up a different system using seperate communication channels, paid for by the chart & backfill crowd.
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  4. I think, if you use SSL, your trade and account info go over one connection (to and your market data goes over a different connection (to

    I imagine each of these hosts are really server farms with lots of bandwidth.

    And the bandwidth needed to get data for a real-time chart is (after the backfill gets done) probably about as much as the bandwidth needed to update 1 line on your market data page.
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  5. These are different ports on the same machine. The machine (likely a router/firewall) still must accept all traffic and sort it out. Every millisecond spent routing useless back-fill and chart data is a millisecond not spent routing an order or fill confirmation. They need the non-critical data to be run through a completely separate router with a different IP address attached to a different internet pipe. The T3 (or whatever) that services orders and fill confirmations should be dedicated to doing *only* that.

    Right, and that's why they needed to turn off charting and back-fill to fix the Denial of Service attack, which is a flood of excess bandwidth. I really don't care if the non-critical data is a back-fill request, a chart request, a reconnect request, or something else caused by a bug. That data should not be going through the same pipe to IB's system, period!

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  6. They are still not servicing my connection requests and I have been trying to connect for like hours by now. I am ending in some black hole, no info on the connection to TWS, no connection failure boxes, no TWS, but since Sierrachart responds with the message to the effect that TWS is not running so it's safe to assume that I am not connected...

    Any idea when the things are going to be back to normal?
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  7. mokwit


    Same issue here. TWS disconnected and now can't log back in. The idea of putting money on the line with this clown show is laughable if it were not so serious.
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  8. Thanks IB for all efforts wrt the faulty controller, i'm happy to return to rapid executions going forward. Samaritan's proactive attention and direct collaboration with me on the issue have been outstanding, and a fantastic support example.

    Thanks very much
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  9. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    Followup on my earlier post:

    As I explained in my earlier post the improved order acknowledgement times are caused by the repair of the HA data server. When the charts are restored, please observe the acknowledgement times and let me know if you thing they deteriorated. Thank you.
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  10. will do, thanks for clarifying the fixes. i got nailed on some missed fills while connectivity was down the second time and confounded issues. in general as ranges contract, executions play an increasing role here and i appreciate the attention/info on both fronts.

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