Is IB making our orders & quotes compete with back-fill/charting bandwidth?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Raystonn, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. It would appear that the back-fill and charting features, which are bandwidth-intensive, share the same communications pipeline as our quotes and trade activities. That means that our trades, fill notifications, and quotes are competing with the back-fill and charting requests to get through in a timely fashion.

    If this is the case, I must say that I am extremely disappointed. The back-fill and charting features are bandwidth hogs for which latency is not a consideration. That traffic should ideally be sent out through another pipe entirely. At the very least the routers should be set to place that traffic at the lowest priority using the Quality of Service features that are now standard in all commercial routers and gateways. This would ensure that back-fill/charting *never* cause any performance or service degradation for quotes, orders, and fill notifications.

  2. i can say this, since those features went down this afternoon, my chronic order acknowledgement and position column delays are 100% gone this afternoon, and things are consistently running as fast as I can ever recall. unmistakable difference.
  3. Interesting... I am observing a completely new thing: my TWS does not pop up at all anymore!! I can apparently login as the login box dissappers with no warning messages, but what used to follow, TWS, does not. I end up in some black hole!!! This is beyond weird... I only had cleaned my cache before this started happening, rebooting the computer does not help either. Anyone having the same problem?
  4. I haven't fully explored TWS, so I'm unsure what you did when you say you cleared your cache. I would recommend a reinstallation of TWS to be sure you didn't hose anything.

    I'm still getting market data and things appear to be working normally again. But I'm not quitting and restarting to check it out in case I cannot get back in... again.

  5. That's a very basic operation (removing the temporary internet files) and I don't think that should affect anything. At least my connection to oanda is fine as usual, but TWS is now completely beyond my reach..
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    IMO it's completely ridiculous IB would even consider offering these features. I can't imagine that the majority of traders, that bring in the main part of their revenue, need this bogus. On this board these features have been heavily opposed against before implementing, ET isn't exactly the virtual hangout for hedgefunds. Does nobody in their senior management ever have a look at a profitability analysis of their customer base before they approve this crap? :confused:
  7. Ah, you meant clearing your browser's cache. Yes that's simple. You must be using the web-based TWS. I have always used the stand-alone version. It keeps Internet Exporer out of the TWS process, which can help improve stability.

  8. No, I am obviously using the standalone version, that's why there is even less connection between clearing the cache and the TWS disappearence than you are probably suspecting...
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    Two unrelated things:
    - We had a faulty controller in our HighAvailability data server, which houses the transaction related persistent stores. That got corrected, shortening the order-acknowledgement times.
    - We turned off the charts because we had a network event w/ our service provider, resulting in all the TWS on American continent reestablishing 1-3 connections each, virtually all at the same time, resulting in a condition that was similar to a DOS attack. Ditching the charts allowed the number of reconnects to drop below a level where the firewalls could start servicing the connection requests.
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    When do you expect to turn on the backfill function? I personally enjoy the function very much.

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