Is IB making mistakes in its commission example table

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  1. Please see attachment.

    Bundled plans for "GLOBEX GBP USD" only costs 1.75 while other currency futures cost 3.00.
    Is this a mistake?
    Can anyone confirm it?

    Under unbundled plans, the exchange costs (and commissions) for every currency futures contract should be the same. How come there is 1 cent difference between EUR/GBP and others?

    Thank you!
  2. katesdp


    Did you ask IB?
  3. Err... Where's the attachment?
    Try again.
  4. Waiting for answers.
  5. I haven't traded GBP in a while but it was always $3 per contract. This must be a mistake.
  6. Yes, I think so.
    It should be just the same as other currency futures.
  7. No IB rep responds. What's up? :(
    Is it so difficult to answer?
  8. maxpi


    I started a trouble ticket several days ago regarding an ACH transfer and have heard nothing. :confused:
  9. What's your question? :)
  10. alanm


    According to the main commission table, all CME/GLOBEX USD-denominated foreign currencies are $3. This would include the GBP contract. Presumably, the mistake was in thinking that the GBP contract was in the GBP-denominated category.
    #10     Aug 21, 2006