Is IB Leaking Personal Info?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by TraderAnon, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. I had an e-mail address that I only used for IB and it gets more spam than any anything else. Now it seems whenever I complain about some bad service I get from some anonymous support staff using IB's internal messaging system, it gets erased out of their system then I get another e-mail that will refer to a URL that starts http://ibkb. I did a whois on this ibkb and it shows some planet-school in Lueneburg Germany. I never took this seriously until I got some questionable Flash bulletin from within the IB system with one of these URL's and some auto-dialing program called my phone every hour for a whole week leaving clicks on my answering machine. Finally on Friday I picked it up and there was some guy saying he was from my bank and had all sorts of info about me that only IB and that bank could have, asking me about my investements. The computer I use for trading is really locked-down and is never used for anything else, not even e-mail. It sure seems to me that IB has an internal problem. Am I being paranoid?
  2. funny I also get calls from an auto dialing service, it's been traced back to a school too. The phone company can't do anything about it. But nobody 's on the line when I pick up.
    They call me periodically , it last a few days several calls per day then I don't hear from them for a while.

    what does the email -with the url you mention- say ?
  3. You want low commissions right? If advertisement helps give you dirt cheap trades why get upset? Just delete the spam.
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    I have a few email addresses "on record" with IB and I have never received an email like to describe. And I have been there going on 5 yrs.
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    I would complain to IB, as high up as possible. It could be an employee selling info and if his bosses knew about it and could vector in on him they could stop it...