Is IB in combination with ISE cheating??

Discussion in 'Options' started by heilbronner, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. I'm trying to get in some TASR options for more than 1 hour now. I use smart order routing tool from IB.

    I try to buy MAY 90 Put. Best Bid I see on IB is 13.20. I'm standing in there with 13.40 at the moment. My bid has always been better than 0.20 than the best bid I see for more than 1 hour now. Why does ISE not show my bid?? Is this legal?

    Smart order routing tool from IB does definitely not show the best bid!! I'm also wondering why IB does route all my option orders in TASR to ISE? Have done quite a lot TASR options in the last couple of days. Something stinks here, IMHO.
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    Check the individual ISE quotes. For some reason IB is not showing ISE quotes in its smart line for tasr. But you can still trade with them using smart..weird.
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    I've traded around 200 lots of tasr options using IB in the past couple of days and everything has been fine. I read your other thread and it seems to me that your bust was truly an erroneous trade caused by someone accidentally hitting the ise bid when they meant to hit the best bid.
  4. Tough shit....when WE do that, we are stuck with our error :mad: