Is IB good to futures scalping?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by shelupinin, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Hi guys !

    Please, advice me about IB speed of execution. I'm going to open an account @ IB and going to scalp most liquid futures manually through their desctop application, as far as I know it has name TWS.
    What is the speed of order execution at IB?
    How much time pass since I push buy/sell button, how fast order is executed?
    I hope it's within 1 sec, right?

  2. rcj


    Alex ... Use to test latency.
    Mine is 70ms from Houston area.
  3. I've tried to reach from 2 different internet connections and both times this url was unreachable...
    how it corrleate to IB speed of execution?
    I feel that this url will show me "internet delay time", not an IB spped of execution ...
    Could someone advice me what is a real speed of execution, I mean if I push buy/sell button, how fast I have order executed?
    Hope it within 1 sec, right?

    thanks for any reply

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    I'm having a hard time getting anything done with IB. Their business model seems to be they'll let you know what they want you to do. Customer service at IB means how can the customer service IB.

  5. This is not ib's fault

    IT IS NOT A WEB SITE ... so it doesn't start www


    IBs servers are fast enough (very fast). The issue you will have is the internet delay but even from the other side of the work its only a couple of hundred milliseconds so unless you think you can react in the 10s of milliseconds it won't make a difference.

    If you use stop limits so that the order is placed by IB's server on the exchange server (check the native orders) then there can be zero delay if you plan your scalps.
  6. - does not work from russian and finland internet connectin :(
  7. Will you be off the US server or the European one? Find out from IB and ask them for the IP address ... but lets be real ... your only problem will be if you have a slow internet connection.

    Try pinging or to get an idea of your round trip delay to the USA. IB's will be very similar.
  8. I hope that customer service is not the most important thing for me in IB, what I need from them is to execute my arder after "button push" as soon as possible... so, what is the time to get my order be filled after I push buy/sell button?

    thanks for any reply

  9. It sounds as though you are using the address bar. As Kiwi
    said this is not an address.
    If you are using XP, Start>accessories>command prompt.
    Type, ping, then add 1 space. then type, >

    But even if you can't do a ping, don't worry. IB's speed is as fast
    as any. Your order should reach the exchange in under the
    1 second you desire.
  10. kiwi and learner, thanks for reply... I definetely understand that Internet connection is a "bottle neck" , I have an IT background and 100% understand what you are talking about... what I asked is an IB speed, not an Internet speed...
    so as far as I understand, IB speed not worse than any other "direct access" broker like open E cry and other, right?
    and it's within 1 sec, right?
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