Is IB down?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by jsmith, Dec 21, 2001.

  1. jsmith


    I haven't been able to log in from here in CA for at least 20 minutes. I just called the support line and get a busy signal.
    I wouldn't care but I was in the middle of a trade when it happened. Just my luck.

    I just realized I really should've had another account somewhere else just to do the opposite trade.
  2. it works for me!
  3. ======================================================
    To all users
    Fri Dec 21 10:56:27 2001 EST

    Customers may experience a brief connection difficulty. We are working this and expect to have it fixed shortly.
  4. jsmith


    Since I'm stuck in my position with no stop
    and I still can't log in, I hoping the market breaks
    down from its consolidation.

    I'm short! :)

    By the way, this is just wrong. Very wrong!
  5. I cannot get quotes on the TWS & the TWS has that funny grey shading. I used ping plotter on and there is no problem. (I'm in WA state).

    Given these symptoms, my wild guess is that the problem is internal. Perhaps one of the other IP addresses to another server will work, but I don't have any other IP address.
  6. ktm


    It may be a coincidence but my QCharts and IB went down at the exact same time. Maybe an internet short somewhere??? QCharts goes down all the time, nothing surprises me with these people.
  7. jsmith



    You're right. My QCharts went down first and then TWS went two a few minutes after. I thought it was my connection first but then I could access all the web pages from my browser.

    My TWS came back a while after and I got out of my trade with a tiny gain. It was sure exciting though. QCharts started working also shortly afterwards.
  8. gh1


    Hey folks -- shit happens

    Better have a back-up contingency plan in place!
    A second broker is not a bad idea -- maybe.
    With IB forget the pre-programmed cell phone sitting at the terminal -- they are not running a customer service operation, they are providing a trading platform and that's all.

    Hey it could be your power, or ISP, or and earthquake next -- what are you going to do then?

  9. Any recommendations for a good backup?
  10. ktm


    Build a windmill farm and generate your own power. You can sell the excess back to the grid and make money while not being dependant on "the man".

    Seriously folks, I don't live in India (where power outages last an average of 2 hours per day in some metropolitan areas) and up until about 1990, I actually called in trades to a broker using yesterdays quotes from the newspaper. I think I can deal with an occassional outage, but then again my trading style is such that it's OK to have that happen.

    A UPS (uninterruptable power source) with a backup generator is your best bet. The UPS will provide continuous power in the event of a power loss and serve as a bridge til the generator kicks in and gets up to full speed...or there's always the windmill farm.
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