Is IB down?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by huh, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. huh


    Once again, an extremely volatile day and I can't login to IB. Anybody else having problems or do I need to check my internet connection.
  2. Spunky


    IB has been fine all day here
  3. Fine in Chicago area
  4. huh


    Thanks for the responses! I went ahead and rebooted my PC and I'm in now. What a crazy day, I want to use the C word but who knows how much lower this goes..
  5. not getting any daily data here, just intraday.
  6. no problems today so far (East Coast)
  7. CONSTANT disconnect and relogins last 2 days.............
  8. TWS took a dump... non of the quotes are being updated.
  9. moarla


    no problems in europe
  10. Aisone


    as good as dead in nm.

    can't stay connected or report trades/cancels/etc efficiently.
    #10     Oct 8, 2008