Is IB completely down now and for more than 30 minutes!!!?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by nravo, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Nravo, how long have you been trading ?? Since 2004 ??

    I have been with many brokers , they all have down time .
    Go back and re read the agreement you signed with IB.
    All brokers make you sign the same agreement with regard to service interruption You wont get any sort of compensation for any trading losses because of today’s event at IB. I am not going to go into a long explanation as anyone with real experience knows the deal.
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  2. nravo


    Understood. But I think people like Spitzer, Cuomo, Blumenthal, Brown et al should look at brokers and possibly mandate redundant systems. That's all it requires - a frigging backup server (farm). I recall when AOL went online years ago and was charging people and not providing a service as fully as they should, they got nailed despite the boilerplate agreement members signed.
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  3. I agree that it is very frustrating and I have been in your situation a few times and my blood pressure went through the roof when I had outstanding trades and my broker went off line. But all the brokers have issues from time to time.
    If you Day Trade for a living then you should have at least 2 brokers in case one goes down.
    The Aol situation is different then this one with IB . I would think that IB has redundant servers and what happened today may have been more then just a server issue.
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  4. Bob111


    looks same today. freezes,very slow,same login issues.PnL not updated at all(requres restart, and when you do-login will take forever)
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  5. sprstpd


    I had the symbol problems last evening. This morning it seems everything is fixed on my end.
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  6. Bob111


    i'm not sure, if this is something new, but i just saw, how after i got partially filled (<100 shares) TWS shows low of the day at the price of my fill., but the chart doesn't, then, few seconds later low price of the day on TWS move higher. it shows 10.18 before and then moves to 10.25 :)
    i don't know guys...I’m puzzled.
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  7. JackR


    If you'll search some threads from a year or two ago you'll find a post from IB about their back-up servers. At that particular time they had some crashes and the fail-over failed. When they corrected the problem some people could not log in as the software bombed when more than 1024 people tried to login at once. IB fixed that problem. IB has lots of redundancy. However, if you change the software on a set of your servers over a weekend and the "upgraded server software" has bug in it, all upgraded servers would be affected. Perhaps IB will post about this, perhaps not. Lawyers abound.

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  8. cstfx


    I think a simple choice when logging on (to coincide with another thread about IB servers) is to give people the option as to which server to log on with US-Europe-Asia. One goes down, log onto the other servers. May be a little slower, but has to be faster response time than 2 hrs+ down.

    Anyone know if this is/was ever a suggestion on their suggested features page? If not, should be.
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  9. Retired


    How often does this kind of crap happen at IB?

    I was thinking about switching to IB. As a daytrader, this could cost me a lot of money.

    Low commission is not worth it if you can't trade.
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  10. This kind of stuff does not happen that often.
    But if you are a serious Day Trader I recommend having at least 2 brokers.
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