Is IB cheating you?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by electron, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. I just found out a discrepancy of about $120 to my disadvantage and on top of that I lost $240 because I exited a perfectly good trade once I found out about it. I was too pissed off to monitor the trade to my minimal target that was reached an hour or so after. I suggest that you check carefully your statements if you have an account with IB. IB numbers simply do not add up. Of course, needless to say, they are not the ones to lose because of that.

    Anyone has had similar experiences with IB?
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    I seriously doubt IB is "cheating" you. I have never had an account discrepancy ever in the past 2 years i've been with IB.

    Whenever my records and IB's didn't match, it was always because of a recording error on my part. Double check all your trades.
  3. So it's not so easy to make a mistake. I did notice last night that my PL displayed in TWS was -$90 while it actually should have been +$120 and when I checked out my records, I have found out that indeed something is fishy here. I am definitely missing some money, no matter how to account for it.
  4. 1. Never seen IB make a mistake.
    2. Its not good judgment to publicly proclaim a discrepancy without doing some good accounting and taking the issue to them first.
    3. What exactly is the problem?
  5. lol you blame IB cus you took a lose on trade cus you were mad?

    Dude come onnn.
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    If you log off then back on to IB your P/L may not show up correctly. Only go by your statements which are available on-line the next day.
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    I have had an IB account for nearly 5 years and I have never encountered any account discrepancy whatsoever. And I second the following statement from the previous poster;

    "Whenever my records and IB's didn't match, it was always because of a recording error on my part. Double check all your trades".....

    I also think IB is still one of the best brokers out there fwiw
  8. Electron is right. P/L showed in TWS was never accurate when compared to that shown in the statements. I had to keep track of my live P/L on my own by writing a separate program.
  9. That may be the case, but it does NOT mean they're taking your money. It's a software issue.

    My P/L does not look right either but when I check the account balance (view acct info button) everything is ok down to the penny.

  10. I am talking about the balance...
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