Is IB asking for "Authentications"? Or is this a hacker?

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  1. We have a pop up with the IB logo saying "Authenciation Required" and asking for User Name, Password, and Domain (whatever that means). It says "Enter login details to access <default> on
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  4. This thing keeps popping up. Meanwhile, the "pin" in the upper right hand corner of the screen has helped.
  5. Please do not enter your IB information in this pop up. Please contact TAC. We will show you how to delete this program from your PC.
  6. John - IB

    John - IB

    Please do not enter in any user information in this window prompt. It seems that this message only pops up once java.exe is running. (Java Malware)

    For any users having this issue, please shutdown your TWS's, and please clear out all of your Java temp files. If you prefer, please call the IB Technical assistance center (TAC) and we can walk you thru the process.

    Instructions are below:

    1 - Open your control panel
    2 - Double click on your Java icon
    3 - Clear out temp files (Vista users click on Settings, then delete files)
    4 - Once complete, restart TWS.

  7. I'm offering banking, credit card and trading account "authentication" services free of charge. Just send me account details with username and password and I will report back within 1 week.
  8. We dont have Vista. How does one get rid of the temporary files if one has Windows XP?
  9. Sorry, you are right about Java; this is not an IB logo, rather a Java logo.
  10. John - IB

    John - IB

    In WindowsXP Click on:

    Start|Control Panel| Java Icon|
    This will open the Java Control Panel

    In the JCP under Temporary Internet Files, click on the 'Settings' button, then Delete Files
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