Is HyperTrader still alive ?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by comewish, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. comewish



    I have buy HyperOrder on HyperTrader's web site.
    But I did not get any response from them.
    I send email to ask them, but no one answer me.
    Is HyperTrader still alive ?
  2. maxpi


    I had the same experience. They did not respond to emails for two weeks after I bought hyperorder so I had to conclude that they are belly up. I am disputing the charges with the credit card company. NinjaTrader has the same features for placing orders via dll, com, text file, etc., and a free trial.
  3. comewish


    Thank for your reply.
    I see.
  4. rgiordano


    I'm Robert.

    Yes, HyperTrader is there :)

    Maxpi, you have to check the received mail on Oct 20, we sent all details about.

    About the second user, i don't know any detail, but 100% we never received any card notification, this is automatically processed by Visa and when is authorized we should get the notification.

    In few cases we never received the transaction notification, but is not our fault.

    Let me to suggest you to contact directly our desk, wil be probably more easy to track the issue.

    Robert Giordano
    HyperTrader Tech. LLC
  5. maxpi


    Thanks Robert. That is good news!! The notification might have gotten lost in my junk mail folder or something, quien sabes? Let me undo the disputed credit card payment issue with the bank and we can proceed.
  6. rgiordano


    Thank you Max.

    Contact me by email and i will provide you a copy.

    Btw we are not using longer any SPAM Filter or other email filter tools, because this cause more trouble then advantages ;).
  7. I wanna buy hyperorder too

    but before i buy i wanna try for several days

    can i try
  8. rgiordano


    Can i suggest you to contact us directly?
    Yes, the trial is available.

  9. fine after i open an account at ib

    i will contact you