Is Hunter Back?

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  1. Hi there has anyone seen the big drop in Nat gas recently is it possible Hunter from Amareth is back in the game and getting toasted? Or maybe he is doing the toasting but something is up
  2. Centaurus is huge in natgas. They were the offer on Amaranth's longs that took them out of the game.
  3. When was this? Just recently?
  4. It was when Amaranth ate it. John Arnold(Cen) appplied the rear naked choke and it was lights out. :)
  5. Well something is going on again looking at last nights price action
  6. weekly supply release
  7. Yes, Brian is back in the game again. His fund is named Solengo. He suckered, I mean raised about 800-900 million from mid-east and russian clients. I see some evidence on the curve that he has been doing the same strategies that killed Amaranth, although his risk guys are supposed to keep him reigned in.

    I can tell you that the fall-off over the last 2 weeks has been several funds liquidating with Centaurus applying plenty of pressure on them as well. Yesterdays EIA gave them the catalyst to rush for the exits on the rest of the books. May be a little more to clean off the books but the chunk is done for now.

    The EIA of +99 was not a real #, it was a "true up" of several weeks of under-reporting. Funny thing, we used to bitch all the time at the AGA when they ran the weekly data, always putting in revisions. That drove us all mad. Since the EIA has taken over, we have only had 2 or 3 revisions, and that was early on. They just bury the # in future reports and move on.

    Market is very succeptable to a quick short-covering pop in here, the guys selling into this (Centaurus, etc.) acquired quite a bit of shorts on the ride down and will need to reduce some exposure when the blood stops running. Everyone I talk to is waiting to buy it now, looking for the signs it is done. I have scaled in a few down here, leaving some more bullets if we get one more round of liquidation.
  8. This was a beautiful time in my life :)
  9. Nice commentary, thanks.
  10. Yeah, I'm waiting for 1 more leg down...but if we start bottoming, i'm grabbing my balls and buying.
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