Is Hong Kong falling?

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  1. I just read somewhere else about how Chinese influence on Hong Kong is growing fast.

    Retiring police men or state workers are getting replaced by Bejing signature...

    Hong Kong TV is force to play the Chinese anthem several times a day, Television shows about how wonderfull life was during the cultural revolution...

    Mandarin getting pushed as first language..... Cutting of subsidies if they don't...

    Would be sad to see this trend take higher gear no, Hong Kong just becoming part of China...
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    Tsing Tao

    Crap, next we'll see things like Los Angeles becoming part of the United States! Times are crazy, man.
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    hahaha....i see it hit a nerve....chill man, the OP was just pointing out change in HK's economics/culture etc. after british left......what he has observed either personally or he has seen on tv or read on internet/press.....he didn't mean to question Chinese sovereignity.
  4. Hong Kong is supposed to be allowed to go by their own rules until the 2040's....
  5. the hongkies should not complain, the chinamen resurrected their economy...the chinese tourist dumped so much money in hong kong its not even funny...
  6. Los Angeles will always be a Spanish Town

    Nothng can change this.
  7. Hong Kong is awesome. The best city in the East. I like Singapoore too.
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    We are trying very hard to protect our heritage- Cantonese (very close to the thousand year ago chinese language)

    not just money, they also dump on street, public transport. The locals are very pissed off.
  9. Yes, I regularly see fake / pushed "Letters to the Editor" in the SCMP (South China Morning Post, a newspaper) which beat the drum about how the sun is setting on the West, how Obama is flailing to save his country, while the one-party system and associated "harmony" in China is working much better. The daily Editorial in "The Standard" is a pathetic shmooze-fest; the Editor almost always sides with The Party in any debate, local, national, or international. Conclusion : The thought policing via media control has started and the volume is right now at a level of 3 out of 10 (IMHO).

    Personal opinion : Beijing will let things (inflation, esp. home prices) get worse in Hong Kong before they step in and make things better. This will serve as the "carrot" part of the carrot and stick strategy.
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