Is homosexuality a choice?

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Is homosexuality a choice?

  1. Nope, not a choice at all.

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  2. Yes; I had to choose to be straight, they choose to be gay.

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  3. Yes, it's a choice- Although I never chose my own sexual orientation.

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  4. Not sure.

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  1. Admitting that homosexuality isn't a 'lifestyle choice' doesn't mean you have to support gay rights or gay marriage in the slightest- These are entirely separate issues.

    I find it strange that some people (who never chose their own sexual orientation) still believe one has the ability to 'choose' to be gay.
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    I always ask the "homosexuality-is-a-choice" crowd when did they choose to not be gay. No one has answered yet.
  3. Stick your dick in a vagina and be happy about it like a normal person.
  4. Hi Rearden,

    Thanks for reading my views.

    Yes, homosexuality as a behavior is a
    choice. Much like preferring blondes, or brunettes, or long incarcerated people insisting that they are not gay
    although they have engaged in same sex activities.

    One can have an addictive personality as well, and choose not to engage in activities that are likely to make them addicted.

    One can equally love women, and not engage in activity that is likely to ruin their marriage or hetero relationship.

    So if a man or woman is sexually attracted to members of their same sex, they are by no means obligated to pursue that choice, nor are they obliged to make others find that choice less socially deviant.

    And, make no mistake, based on our societal mores it IS considered socially deviant.
  5. Let me be the first.

    I chose not to be gay the first time I was approached by a gay man.

    There, simple.
  6. How about doing a poll on heroin adddicts..
  7. I don't like the options and refuse to vote.

    I think for some people its a choice
    For others (a majority I'm assuming) it is not a choice

    I was hanging out with chick the other day. We were about to get a bite to eat and go home after a social gathering when we bumped into one of her friends. She was with her own female friends. They were hot and seemed friendly enough. They invited us to go to a nearby club. We agreed. 20 seconds before I walk in the door, I find out it was a gay club (FUCK!!, it's too late the back out now and these girls are probably lesbians.) I was thinking this was going to be a very boring night and the male dancers were disgusting. I was pissed but just tried to stay cool and try and enjoy the music. Within an hour I was starting to dance with the girl I came with and the other chicks (who were indeed lesbians). I thought they were just being polite as they clearly saw I was not gay and had no interest in the guys. That was until we started dirty dancing. (hmmm. maybe they're bisexual) By the time the place was closing I had made out with 3 of the 5 chicks, including the one I was out with originally. The ride back to their place was especially fun. To this day the decision to continue to walk in the gay club lead to one of the most wild nights with the ladies ever. Irony!

    And before I get the ladyboy jokes, they were college aged females! Apparently just four lesbian roommates who were excited to meet a man that was non-judgmental and was willing to goto a gay bar even though I was not gay.

    If this post may seem like I'm bragging, you're right. Now you may fire away with the ladyboy jokes. I don't give a shit. :p
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    I saw a former male homosexual interviewed on the local news some years ago. He was molested by his dad and kinda "grew" into gay sex. But at some point as he got older he realized it was wrong but CHOSE (His word not mine) to continue with the behavior anyway. As he got even older he decided/chose to stop sucking on tube steaks and taking it up the ass.

    An anomaly or significant?
  9. You don't choose to be gay but you choose to act on it. Naturally, nobody is 100% straight or gay.
  10. An anomaly or significant?

    Imo, the abuse is significant and the cycle perpetuates. The abused abuses so someone else can see how it feels.

    kinda "grew" into gay sex.

    How do you grow into gay sex? Young males run away from an abusive home and meet up with homosexual predators.
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