Is Homeland Security A Joke?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by waggie945, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. Are we any better off since 911?

    For the 2nd time in four days, Customs Agents have arrested dozens of illegal aliens that flew from LA to Newark on a Continental Flight ( 88 illegal aliens were detained on one flight ), and add that to the 42 illegal aliens who boarded a plane just a few days earlier and took the very same route!

    The TSA says that they do not have the jurisdiction to enforce immigration law, and said that none of the illegals were on a "watch-list" and that all of the illegals were able to present current photo ID.

    Instead of traveling by land, I guess it's much easier to just board an airplane and go by air in this country. When are we gonna learn!

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    Waggie, quick question for you. What's your favorite color?
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    there is no way to do anything serious about this without instituting national ID card or requiring *all* travellers to present passports.
  4. Is Homeland Security A Joke?

    Not when you get the bill
  5. at least dont issue illegals any ID cards
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    i doesn't work, because without a passport (which is just a multipage national ID card) you have no way of determining who is or isn't an illegal and who should or shouldn't get a drivers license (or whatever). you can't identify who isn't without also identifying who is.