Is HOLD Bros. going under?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by john_nyc_trader, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. I am thinking of moving my account to them, but i keep hearing that they are in a money crunch: is this true or just a baseless rumor? Anyone have info, or if you work there, have you been hearing this/having a problem with withdrawing money?

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    I was there until about April of this year. I'm not sure about them having financial issues, but I had no problems at all getting my money out.
  3. I know that their financial situation was good then, but recently, I have been hearing that they are in dire straits. Have any contacts there that you know who might know something?
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    There are a couple of guys on ET that I think are still there. You can try sending a PM to calibertrader or goldenarm.
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    and I received my capital within a week or two. When I was there we received our paychecks on time every two weeks. I would think if a company was hurting for cash they would probably payout every month or so. They don't seem to be going under, but who knows when it comes to these things.
  6. Thanks, Okown. I will do some sniffinga round since these things happen quite often, i.e. TradeScape & BlackWood.
  7. Casey, thanks for posting your experiences with HOLD. If you don't mind me asking, what was the reason you left? rates/system?
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    The systems were having problems at the time I left, but that is not the main reason for leaving. I was offered better rates. So I went. As for the systems, I still have some friends there and they say things have stabilized systems wise. I guess it was a period of two weeks where they were having problems. I did like their execution system though(graybox), it is pretty fast.

    All in all, prop firms seem to go through stretches were there systems are great and then all of a sudden there are some hiccups, where there just seems to be problem after problem. Sometimes it is only for a day or two, sometimes it can be for a week or more. I think hold went through that in late Aug early Sept and from what I have heard they have corrected the problem.
  9. Casey, sounds good. Thanks for the input. BTW, where are you now?
  10. I think Blackwood is out of biz but I could be wrong. They had some beautiful furniture though.

    Etradepro/tradescape offers prop trading with no capital down. The interview process is very complicated, we're talking spending a full day there and 3 waves of intervies. My friend is trading there right now and they are very picky, but you can give them a try.

    Go check out the jersey city office and say hi to Gregg and Steve. If you see an empty room, you better go somewhere else.

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