Is Hell Dead?

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    As part of a series on peacemaking, in late 2007, Pastor Rob Bell's Mars Hill Bible Church put on an art exhibit about the search for peace in a broken world. It was just the kind of avant-garde project that had helped power Mars Hill's growth (the Michigan church attracts 7,000 people each Sunday) as a nontraditional congregation that emphasizes discussion rather than dogmatic teaching. An artist in the show had included a quotation from Mohandas Gandhi. Hardly a controversial touch, one would have thought. But one would have been wrong.
    A visitor to the exhibit had stuck a note next to the Gandhi quotation: "Reality check: He's in hell." Bell was struck.
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    Really? he recalls thinking.
    Gandhi's in hell?
    He is?
    We have confirmation of this?
    Somebody knows this?
    Without a doubt?
    And that somebody decided to take on the responsibility of letting the rest of us know?
  2. hell was a concept devised by religious leaders of the time to scare the sheep into submission. the interesting thing to me is the fact that the gullible dont seem to evolve mentally. they are still easily manipulated by fast talking con artists that wish to control their mind.
  3. Consult the muslims, whose religion all liberals will fight to the death for.

    Ask liberals to do the same with christianity, and suddenly God doesn't exist and religion is a con.
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    You have just described Obama supporters.