Is google the worst stock ever?

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  1. (well vonage is worse)

    I swear this POS never goes up

    I bought some at 413and 450 and 470 and while Im ahead the market is up and google is only up a dollar ..lame

    It has been stagnant for the past 5 months and underperformed the market last year.

    if you bought google after earnings back in October 2006 at 465 you would have lost moeny STILL

    If you bought google in Jan 2006 at 460 you would be breakeven

    So who has made moeny with google?

    1. Insiders

    2. People who bought between 2004-05

    Ahmed from pakistan who joined Google in 2001 unloads 200K shares and shareholders get screwed. Smitt unloads 1 milion. NO insider buyers.

    Also there is TOO MUCH volume and hedging and daytrading and money moving though that stock. This creates too many market efficiencies and lack of price movement.

    If the volume would dry up to 200K a day the stock would go up. If google reversed split its stock to 900 it would actually go higher because there wouldnt be so much damn volume from funds. Look at birkshire.

    Given the earnings and google domination in the marketplace we SHOULD be trading at 520 at least by now.

    The management has done a terrible job regarding investor relations. NO guidance. no buiybacks. No dividend. No thing but selling.

    If this stock were run by Yale and Harvard business men it would be at 560 cause they know how to work wallstreet.

    But I'm still long though.
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    its going lower before higher imho
    needs to hold 450
  3. Google needs to hire the guys who make EXXON, GOLDMAN SACHS go up.
  4. youtube is holding it down i think, yes?

  5. No, its poor business management. Too many engineers and not enough investment relation and PR.

    When google introduced its online office suite they made so little fanfare about it the only way I heard about it was because I visited yahoo finance under gogle. What they should have done is launch a massive campaign like microsoft did when it launched windows 95. Google had the money, but instead it was a muted BETAS releave. Had they spend money on a huge promotion and well as made ambitious revenue forcasts the stock could have jumped 15 points, easily paying back the costs.

    If this continues too much longer shareholders may demand reform and there may be an ousting. EXXON may be a greedy oil company but atleast is shareholders make money for all the revenue it generates and it paysa dividend.
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    I think what's holding GOOG down is the PRICE. They just never split. The growth stock that pretends to be Berkshire (conservative value).

    MSFT rocketed in value because it was smart and split every few years. People looked in their portfolio and felt they were really getting somewhere when it went 100, 200, 400, 800 shares... and each time they split the price per share caught up. Look at MSFT's market cap, you don't believe it's that high because they make more money than every other company in the world?

    You can buy 1000 shrs of MSFT for the price of 62 shares of GOOG. Dunno about you, but I'd rather own 1000 shares of MSFT than 62 shrs of GOOG. As dumb as it sounds, a lot of long term investors see it this way. Not that MSFT is doing anything right now either, that was just an example:p.

    You want to see GOOG MOVE? If they EVER make a split announcement, that stock is going to fly to the moon. Don't hold your breath waiting.

    GOOG employees may all be able to solve complex math riddles, which to me just means they have no common sense. So as much as I love their search engine, I'm not buying their stock.
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    You are great.
    Given Google's earnings, and domination on SEO market, the price should be around 520 by this point. That's why I keep hesitating to sell or buy more. I cannot believe their job on Wall Street. There is no any stupid momentum. Their management in terms of business is quiet good, but they fail to attract the big institutions.

  8. I want to have faith in google cause there is so much potential but it is slipping away cause of poor investment relations. Google's best years of growth are being wasted. This is a company that has corner stoned one of the fastest growing industries.
  9. I don't understand. You said the POS never goes up and it's the worst stock, so why are you long? You gave a lot of reasons why you should sell it but you won't take your own advice.
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    Jesus you people are stupid. Please keep trading.
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