Is GOOG in a bubble?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by The Kin, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. I'd say yes but I've been wrong everytime I've predicted anything on GOOG.
  2. Bubble...???

    GOOG is the next MSFT which was the next IBM...IMO of course
  3. hajimow


    A couple of comments:

    1- You have the right to open 10 threads on GOOG if you want but why don't you send your message in the other 500 open threads on GOOG:D. It is like 300 threads on Cramer. Someone opens a thread that he hates him and the other person states his opinion that he loves him by opening a new thread
    2- You can not have a good stock that market likes it without any bubble.
  4. Hamlet


    I think there is a bubble in the use of the term "bubble"

    I thought bubble applied to asset classes, and stocks were "overbought"?

    Anyhow, my quick thumbnail research shows that Goog is trading at about the same multiple to it's estimated earnings of next year as Yahoo and several other internet stocks. Unless earning fall short, I would say that it is trading in line with peer valuations.
  5. Agree!
    Thus not yet in a bubble...but will be eventually.
  6. Sell it short and find out.