is good trading boring?

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  1. I have read several articles recently by traders who have been around for some time. They each said that they felt good trading was boring. Some were floor traders, most screen traders. Their point of view was to simply wait untill conditions lined up that matched criteria for a trade. They had reached the point of professional discipline that to them it was nothing more than running a business, very much like the guy at the 7 - 11 who makes transactions when customers come in.

    I had to laugh when I read these articles and interviews because of all of the times when I am going crazy in my head trying to "will" the market into a set up, instead of just letting the market unfold.

    I do have a pretty solid trading plan, and I was a business owner for 15 yrs. I find it very interesting that I have not yet until this point approached my trading from this paradigm. If I approached my trading business from the same point of view when I opened my store every day I would be much more relaxed every day with a longer term outlook to judge my success and progress:

    I had for the last year put alot of pressure on myself to succeed NOW, but after speaking recently to some people whose opinion I respect, I have been very relaxed during a period I have not made too much money. Basically they told me that if I eventually want to make the same money as a doctor (for example), I have to put in the time to learn my craft (years/ not months!).

    Anybody else go through any of this?

  2. We all do Pete. Every traders goes through the same learning process. We evolve from seeking instant gratification to a life long pursuit of trading success. Slow and steady wins the race.
  3. Exactly. The market's gonna do what it's gonna do. Just LET yourself LET the market do it's thing. Then go along for the ride.

    You don't have any control over the market, but you do have control over yourself.
  4. Pete,

    No question about it, you have to put in your time. It takes years and years and years....It's a never ending process.

    There are different stages and levels, but it never ends.

    I'm happy that you're making some money. You're getting financially rewarded while you learn. That's what it's all about.

    It's working. Keep it going.

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    good trading is boring.... this is spot on... I have a more exciting day when i lose
  6. Right Trading and Right Livelihood Feels Graceful - the Opposite of Clumsy.

    If feelings of boredom arise, then other issues need your attention.
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    I would agree for the most part. Its like driving. Sometimes you are in a place with nice scenery, and that is great. But excitment comes from driving fast on a mountain road, and thats probably not the best plan you ever came up with.

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