Is gold still trading mainly on the pit?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by 0008, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. 0008


    The vol of the electronic one is very thin. Will it catch up later?
  2. To me the only relevance is the difference in slippage between the two - depending on one's volume. It seems to me up to about 5 cars is about the same (given the bid/ask spread on the electronic 100 oz) after that I would use the pit.

    So for under 5 cars why not use the electronic:

    1) to support it, and
    2) to get quicker fills.

  3. Gold trading is always fun, regardless of the current bull market !

    So far, I've always bought warrants ( ~ options) to participate, but you lose a lot due to the high spreads...

    Has anyone ever considered trading gold on the spot market ? What may speak against it ? Of course, one needs a broker that has access to the market. I am thinking of taking a look at ACM Refco, they offer gold and silver besides Forex.

    I am a bit hesitant to turn to the Comex as I have heard bad stories repeatedly about this exchange... there has to be a way to move size in this market, how do the big guys do it ?
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    Size trades are in the interbank market. Some customers will only trade minimum of 150 lots of gold in cash mkt, dealers usually qoute each other for up to 100 lots