Is Gold going to bounce off the Parabolic SAR or punch thorough it?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by RapidFireFX, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Gold came off a bit the past few weeks and this week with low volumes it has crept up to hit the Parabolic SAR.

    I think we've all seen this before, but what's the thought here?

    Is it an early 2007 run? A little pre New Year buying? Is it going to punch through here and make a run for it?

    Or is this pig going to bounce of the resistance at 629 (spot) and tumble back down?

    If you recall end of 2005 and beginnig of 2006 it made a very similar move.

    Or am I on crack again?

    Happy hunting!
  2. Nope, not crack.

    Nice look this moring, up 1% so far for the day.
  3. Looking for the dollar prop here ,Jan and Feb.,rebound in March and April.Could test the $600 dollar level again,but thats just temporary.The uptrend is still intact and mid and long term POG will grind its way up.
  4. this is either the ultimate DOM "spoofing show"

    of gold will tick higher from here

    FEB 07 GC last $642.30

    398 X 37 in the DOM

  5. GOX down again today nearly another 2% - wonder if it willl try to run down to mid 130's next .
  6. Came back from a nap -- what made the $3 intraday gap in ZGG7?
  7. cbot was down for about an hour and the market ran $3 during the outage
  8. Ah thx. Makes GC/SI come in handy.
  9. monday should be a good day for gold. it goes up on almost all us holidays, as does the eurp and gbp with no us influence to artificially suppress prices. man i sound liek a kook - but it has to be more than coincidence all these things rally when the us markets are closed.
  10. "the old" lets "jam the markets" against those caught napping

    when their market is closed trick ...

    perhaps the amount of the move up friday was caused by

    the ECBOT being closed ... wonder how much more volume was done by COMEX friday because of it
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