Is God mute?

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    I don't get these guys that are constantly saying God says this and God says that. Is God mute? Maybe he can use sign language to have himself heard? Why doesn't God just come out and say these things instead of being heard through some lowly ape descendants? If were God I would be afraid of something being lost in translation.

    "...If you listen to the likes of Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, the answer, regrettably, is "yes." Jindal, speaking from Iowa, responded to the high court ruling by noting that there is even a higher authority, God, who says that marriage can only occur between a man and a woman. Meanwhile, back home in Louisiana, Jindal's subordinates give the appearance of slow-walking implementation of the Supreme Court ruling. And, for good measure, before decamping to Iowa, Governor Jindal issued a "religious freedom" executive order of the Indiana/Arkansas ilk, even after the Republican Party-dominated Louisiana legislature wisely declined the governor's proposal to enact it as legislation...."

    Oh, wait, they got that from a book written by a bunch of farmers 2000 years ago with barely the equivalent of a sixth grade education. Hmmm. EVEN if God says those things, what happened to separation of church and state?
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    Throughout time there have always been people who wanted to hear God speak. Audibly.

    So he did. Two thousand years ago. Maybe you didn't hear about that.
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    I wonder how world history would have unfolded if before all this mysticism came to be - If science would have been discovered say 2500 years ago before the advent of all these religions, I wonder where we would be as a society now. Probably visiting alpha-centuri. No poverty or homelessness. Possibly no wars. Free great health care for all. We would all be discovering our true talent and genius in rewarding work. Sentient artificial machines whom we partner with in unimaginable ways. No Global Warming taking the human race to the edge of extinction because we would have harnessed the sun already. True freedom and riches for all.

    Instead, I walk into a Barnes and Noble, and I see all these kids being mentored on how Moses did this, or how Jesus did that. The kids are totally innocent, it is the adults that commit this crime over and over again.

    What a waste.
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    Right to religious freedom <==> Seperation of church and state

    No wonder Godel's head almost exploded
  5. I wonder how you guys feel about Obama and his speech to the truly devout audience at the memoriam for the deceased Pastor. Is he, Obama, a fool for his supposed beliefs, or was he just pandering to a group of people he believes are too stupid to know the difference. Does Obama not know or care about this separation of Church and State? Does it matter, or does it only matter when these words come pout of the mouth of a republican?
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    I agree. All these guys stand on both sides of the religion fence. It is totally irrational.
  8. The Creator, whatever it may be, is not mute. Indifferent? Seemingly so, at least most of the time to most of the people, true believers or otherwise. This is what I call universal equality. No favorites. All you bastards will die. None are coming back. All will suffer in one way or another. Your only out. Serve one another as you would serve yourselves. Simple concept, difficult to implement considering that there are so many who, at least on the surface, appear to deserve nothing more than a slap in the face. At the end of the day, the universe does not care about you, or anything else. It just is, and it just moves on relentlessly. Is there a rhyme or reason for it all? You'll find out when you finally die...or maybe not. The Creator owes us nothing. You're here, make the most of it.
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    Brother Nitro...

    Maybe it's you that's mute.
    Ever thought about that?

    Ever heard this?: Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
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    LOL starting there!
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