Is God Calling Home His Creatures?

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  2. I suspect an underground ammonia release from NG fracturing. It would kill the fish and the cloud would encompass a sizable area to kill of flocks of birds.
    Ammonia being lighter than air would escape contaminating human populations
  3. Lets wait for Fox and Limbaugh to tell us how to think about
    the origin of this phenomenon. Somehow it has to be the government.
  4. No...this same event happened in baton rouge in november of 1896. It happened to many different species of birds. Although scientists have given some lame reasons (birds were scared of fireworks, they were "stressed", cold, ect) I suspect something more natural. These deaths seem to occur in places that are rich in natural gas. A brief "burp" of natural gas goes into the air from a small quake (maybe a 1.5 or 2.0 that you wouldnt feel) and knocks the birds out(because they are sensative to that) the birds then fall to the ground and die from trauma.

    Same thing with the fish. A burp of methane gas from the ocean floor kills the fish. I think this type of thing happens all the time only the media doesnt normally report it. I think its been happening around the gulf of mexico states recently because of the rapid loss of oil from the BP spill that probably caused the natural gas freedom to move around underground more easy until it found a spot to briefly release into the air. The birds in sweden were just a coincidence that it happened at the same time and it was only 50 birds there, not alot.

    Sorry I cant be more apocolyptic for you all.
  5. But birds are getting killed all over the world (USA, Sweden). Is the earthquake releasing natural gas all over the world. If yes, the earth is cracking all over. We will have new continents and land mass.
  6. After all this time you still haven't come up with a better sense of humor.
  7. 40,000 crabs have been found dead on England beaches

    The Star reported Wednesday that more than 40,000 dead Velvet swimming crabs have appeared on the Thanet shoreline in England. Dead starfish, lobsters, sponges and anemones were also found.

    The Brazillian site Paraná-Online noted that 100 tons of fish have turned up dead off the coast of Paraná since last Thursday.

    Some 100 miles away, officials discovered 100,000 dead drum fish in the Arkansas river Thursday.

    Residents of Beebe, Arkansas awoke Saturday to find thousands of dead birds across a 1.5-square-mile area. The estimate was raised from a thousand dead red-winged blackbirds to about 5,000 Monday.

    About 50 to 100 dead birds were discovered on a highway in central Sweden Tuesday. Scientists don't know what killed the jackdaws but one veterinarian suspects they may have been frightened by fireworks and then run over by a car.

    Hundreds of dead snapper washed up on New Zealand beach

    Hundreds of dead snapper have washed up on Coromandel beaches on the North Island of New Zealand, leaving holidaymakers perplexed.

    The mysterious incident came as the southern United States was hit with a second unexplained mass bird death within a week.

    People at Little Bay and Waikawau Bay, on the north-east of the peninsula, were stunned when children came out of the sea with armfuls of the fish and within minutes the shore was littered with them.
  8. I think there is major volcanic activity under the earth surface. There was a TV program about the creation of island in sea/ocean due volcanic activity under the sea. Fish were swimming through the volcanic water. Maybe they died later

    Now it is animals. Next target of nature will be 10% useless human beings. Nature never strikes without warning.
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