Is Globex down??

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Mup, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Mup


    Or is it just IB :confused:
  2. Take a guess.....LOL! :)
  3. I'm seeing the same thing here and wondering. This happened a couple of weeks ago, took hours for them to fix. Hopefully they're on top of it today.
  4. 2006


    Globex or IB?
  5. im seeing it too. is it IB or Globex's problem? i dont want to guess :p
  6. To GLOBEX traders:
    Sun Jan 21 18:02:23 2007 EST

    GLOBEX is currently unavailable for trading.
  7. I think Globex(?) because I'm seeing quotes for CL through IB TWS...
  8. probably just another desperate attempt to paint the technicals. look at this bizarre er2 action in fits and starts with ib globex unavailable
  9. its strange ... I see globex quotes and trades occuring for some markets and not for others

  10. must be IB. Seeing fts quotes on bloomberg.
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