Is global warming a sign of mental weakness?

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  1. Funny how when you take "origin" and replace it with "planet" and replace "religion" with "global warming" you have the exact same argument.

    I'll agree, it's always the same pattern.

  2. LOL ... nice reality check ... :D
  3. You deep thinkers should bookmark these brain farts of yours for future reference. And there will be a future reference.
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    Is global warming a sign of mental weakness?

    New thread idea:

    Is liberalism a sign of mental weakness?
  5. At a minimum it's a sign of bad judgment or naivete but I think they are a minority of the vocal liberals.

    I think the majority seek to exploit it for personal gain or have otherwise malevolent motives.
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    I had the great boring displeasure of sitting across the table from a spokeshole for the scientific community the other day. It was a 30 minute monologue, no interruptions /objections were brooked. He said repeatedly that "scientists aren't political" in spite of the recent revelations that all the global warming data was tweaked, peaked, cherry picked and covered up forcefully for a decade... he said that the only people that oppose global warming are in the energy industry.... if I had been allowed to finish a sentence I'm sure he would have called me a "denier"... they don't quit just because you disprove what they say /believe in... global warming is a little belief in a greater belief system that depends on "science" being not only right but the only authority.. there just isn't a venue for disproving "science" [junk science, and very much of it can be put in that category once you examine the underlying assumptions] that much.
  7. Climate change is beyond doubt: CSIRO

    "The head of Australia's peak science body has spoken out in defence of climate scientists, saying the link between human activity and climate change is beyond doubt.

    "The head of the CSIRO, Dr Megan Clark, says the evidence of global warming is unquestionable, and in Australia it is backed by years of robust research.

    "Dr Clark says climate records are being broken every decade and all parts of the nation are warming."

    So the CSIRO, a research organization of high international standing, in fact one of the largest industrial/scientific research organizations in the world that has developed such things as Relenza (the first anti flu drug), wireless LAN (CSIRO holds the major patents - if you use wireless thank CSIRO) operates one of the three deep space network ground facilities in the world on behalf of NASA and brought the first video of the first moon landing to the world through the Parkes facility, has suddenly lost it's marbles when it comes to climate science?

    I don't think so. I prefer simple explanations which go along the lines that cranks on message boards have political obsessions which prevent them from connecting with reality and noticing the overwhelming weight of evidence from multiple sources for AGW.

    You could start here:
  8. That 1900 pic sure looks fake to me.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  9. Look ... a good hearty "human fart" causes climate change.

    The issue is how much, how long, how that can affect the entire globe.

    Man in his epitome of pride is so full of himself that he buys into the deception
    that the little effect he poses can completely ruin the climate.

    Ok ... so man should be responsible stewards of the planet.
    That is wisdom and prudence ... but to get all worked up over bad science ...
    and ignore clear deception, theft and racketeering and to
    stand in support of an obvious con job ... well you been sniffin' too many farts.
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