Is "Gertsman" the real deal ?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by thetraderprofit, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. Is he really a successful multimillionaire trader, or is it a hoax?
  2. The truth will be posted in a few days. Get your votes in.
  3. who's gertsman?
  4. Read his posts and make a call on the poll above.

    We'll find out just how astute ET members really are.
  5. You should add another line: "Is the trader prophet wasting all of our time with the threads he starts?"

    Do us a favour and post where these threads belong ----> chit chat!
  6. Superego,

    Gertsman is a trader. This is a trading forum. Hence the poll.
    Get a sense of humor. There are a lot of people who wouldn't think it's chit chat, and would like to know the truth. At least 8 so far.

    There are what? Maybe hundreds of threads here? This one must just so clutter up the screen and your mind that you can't take it anymore.

    Go try to manage people's actions somewhere else.
  7. cheeks


    chit chat
  8. I agree... this is not a true trading topic...

    more importantly, what difference would it possibly make to put it in 'chit chat'?! That's where the 'fun' stuff like this is supposed to be. That's why ET/Baron has said forum.

    My view: if you're a member of ET and appreciate it's value... then you oughta respect your ET brothers/sisters... and play by the simple 'rules' like a professional...

    discuss trading issues in the "Trading" fourm, and traders' sexual conquests, money, favorite booze, etc etc, in chit chat.

  9. favour==go complain to the Crown
  10. Whatever,

    I'm just looking for the most votes possible.
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