Is German quality real?

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  1. It appears that Germany is banking on perception not reality of quality. Most europians will never ever choose Lexus if they have the choice to get a German brand instead. Europe is the land of perception
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    can't complain about german quality..most of the stuff in our house made in Germany.and good old wireless phone is made by Siemens too. after 10+ years of usage works and looks like new.Mercedes maintenance is a bit expensive,but if you are DIY person-most of the jobs can be done in home garage. parts are pretty cheap online.
    any trader can easily figure out car's reliability by how fast they drop in price and resale value.
    i agree-ford is a decent quality car(i use to have 2 at my disposal) but maintenance and parts are probably more expensive than MB
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    This past weekend I bought a roaster, even though iv'e got several already. Why did I do that? Because this roaster is hands down the best made and best designed of any roaster I have every seen. Made of heavy cast aluminum, the lid fits perfectly to the bottom section with no gaps or wobbles. The size and shape are perfect, the handles are cast in a single piece with the bodies. There is a non-stick finish. The lid, when turned upside down can be grilled on, and the bottom used as cover for the grill. Both the bottom section and the lid have round, oversize, extra thick sections that are Milled perfectly flat, so that the roaster will sit absolutely level without any wobble on top of a stove and distribute heat very evenly, just as it will in the oven. Where was this beautiful piece of kitchen equipment made? It was made by Berndes in Germany!

    (I did not pay 155 pounds for it but 50$ US)

    Consumer Reports car reliability rankings are unreliable because they use data from inside the warranty period. They only way to make these surveys meaningful is to gather data exclusively after the warranty period has expired. Anyone who bought a 2002 4L Jag or Lincoln will understand what I'm talking about.
  4. europeans use bmw& mercedses as taxis. Also police. It is an average car. People elsewhere stupid enough to pay fluffy prices for this junk. And lets not even start about maintenance costs :D
  5. Your points on CR are wrong, IMO, and here's why. Unless a mfg designs a complete new model/engine its based on previous years and those used car reliability facts are published.

    CR does ratings on all used cars going back 7 years I believe.
  6. And on that note what's the bashing on Chinese mfg. I have lots of Chinese stuff and the quality is fine there. Its a lame argument used against their unfair trade policies that displace more expensive US workers.
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    Thanks for the correction. I don't follow CR anymore, and I certainly am not up on new car warranties, but aren't most of them something like say 5 years or 100,000 miles? So if they did go back 7 years wouldn't the data be weighted more toward the warranty period? When I did read consumer reports years ago, before I lost faith in them, it seems they were using data on cars from within the warranty period. The reason I ask this is because in is my admittedly limited experience the the cars that do ultimately prove to be very troublesome often don't start falling apart until just after the warranty period expires. Although I have to say that in the case of the Ford built Jaguars they did not wait until the warranty period expired to disintegrate.
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    there is a bit difference between those that build for "internal" german market and for USA. if you ever own both-you will know the difference. try to find S class with 2.4L 4 cylinder,no A\C, no leather in US. or any MB with 4 cylinder diesel engine
  9. I have German car and have no problems what so ever. The only problem is that the dealership is trying to milk me for small things. Guess how much they wanted to put a new battery in. Insane, like 4-5 times the cost of a new battery. I ask why? they told me it is tough to reset the computer? Are you shiting me? I am terrified what will happen when I need new brakes.

    No matter what the CR article said, brand names matter. They are difficult to establish. Look how long it is taking the Koreans to build a brand. A new luxury model is coming to the US.

    ( It’s dressed up with 19-inch chrome rims, adjustable damping air suspension, H.I.D. headlamps, a driver’s seat massage function, sunroof and illuminated scuff plates, bundled Apple iPad that serves as the car’s “interactive owner’s manual, like cooled rear seats, a fridge box in the center console, power trunk lid and a rear-seat entertainment system with an eight-inch monitor.
    The Equus is powered by a 4.6-liter V-8 that delivers 385 horsepower, backed by a 6-speed automatic)

    Any takers? How will this sell in Europe?

    China Number One is:
    Buick Excelle
    Sold exclusively in China, the Buick Excelle is based on a design from GM's South Korean subsidiary, GM Daewoo Auto & Technology. GM's strong performance in China, paced by Buick, is one of the few bright spots for the bankrupt U.S. carmaker. (Current No. 1 in the U.S.: the Ford F-Series pickup truck.)

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