Is Generation Y the worst generation ever?

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  1. Do you think Generation Y (people born from 1980 to about 2000) is the worst generation ever? Hollywood screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (born 1961) seems to think so. I was watching the pilot of his new show "The Newsroom," and this is the opening scene:

    I have to disagree with the statement that Generation Y is the "worst. generation. ever." If baby boomers like Sorkin think Generation Y is the worst generation ever, who raised them? Who educated them (or lack thereof)? Who created the culture these kids grew up in? Baby boomers. And who caused all the economic problems we have today (yes, the Silent Generation played a big role too, but boomers played most of the role)? If baby boomers are wondering who the worst generation is, they need to take a long look in the mirror.
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  3. Agree.

    Gen Y is lazy and feel entitled to everything, but they are so young they haven't had time to do any real damage yet.

    The boomers screwed up big time. Starting with letting the unions take over.