Is friday and monday half day trading

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  1. Is friday and monday shorten trading days?
  2. Monday Markets close early....friday is a full day, and with the rebalancing and the end of quarter, it is sure to be eventful.
  3. some futures markets close early friday though

    and remain closed monday and tuesday
  4. Whilst England remain in the world cup all trading is officially susepnded anyway.

    Why do you think the fx markets have been so quiet and thin lately?!
  5. Not stocks.
  6. alanm


    Someone posts one of these every American holiday (but not other countries' holidays - hmmm).

    Why not just look at the exchange websites for the official answer for the products you trade? Wouldn't it suck to be stuck in a position over a holiday because you listened to (incorrect) info from a message board?
  7. I don't know why, but this is really funny, lol... But seriously...

    It would suck to be in a trade and all of a sudden your quotes stop.
    You think to yourself, wtf is going on here? No data. Crap. IB is
    down again...(or whoever)...

    And then realize, oh *hit! The market just closed. I am screwed.

    I am now a swing trader...:(
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